Senior Care Media Coverage

Unlike other PR services, we give you a guarantee that we will get you in the media. We simply do the work required each month to get your stories placed in relevant media or we won’t invoice you for the next month.

Here is what you get on our PR subscription:

  • 6-8 weeks of strategic work

Real PR needs a strategy. We work with you first to figure out what stories should be told, what your goals are, and where you need the media coverage.

No guaranteed media coverage in this period.

  • Monthly press release
    We will write a press release each month with a unique angle around your business and distribute it. It will also be included in pitches to the media so we make sure it’s picked up by the media we want.
  • Branding Guidelines
    Development of a slogan and consistent branding guidelines to be used across all outgoing communications.
  • Pitch Writing and Media Outreach
    We will develop a series of unique pitches for media outreach, highlighting some of the main talking points of your business and your past/future projects.
  • Newsjacking
    We will stay up-to-date on current news, events, and trends that we could tie in with your business. We will reach out to reporters covering these topics with a unique spin on the topic.
  • Competitor Analysis and Media Outreach
    We will research media targets and outlets that have covered “competitors” and reach out to them with a pitch about how your business is different.
  • Partnerships and Brainstorming
    We will identify and reach out to potential partners in the niche who can help us spread the message for your business in a positive way.
  • Monthly Infographic
    We will create one popular infographic per month which will be included in campaigns and which you can use however you want.

Guaranteed Media Coverage

  • Success Metrics
    The goal is to get first media placements or interviews within 6-8 weeks of the start of the campaign, and a subsequent 2-3 earned media placements per month thereafter.